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Operation Center supports you in your daily work on the PC. Whether you work with files or want to keep your PC in good working order – with Operation Center you can do numerous and different tasks with just one single product – with ease of use.

Stylish Designs

You can choose from a total of nine designs. The right design is available for almost every taste:

File manager with file preview

File Manager with two file windows

Within the file manager you can use two file windows at once and copy and move files and folders via drag & drop. Just pull the selected elements to the other file window, then a menu opens where you can select "Copy" or "Move":

Drag & Drop

The "Tasks & Preview" bar allows you quick access to common features and lets you preview files without having to open them. If a second screen is connected to your PC, you can even use it for the preview:

File Preview on a Second Screen

Ease of Use

Many settings are highly customizable and ensure that the software is easier to use and individualized:

Ease of use

Photo Management

Especially for images, Operation Center includes a photo management feature. You can use it to manage your digital photo collection and post-edit images. Using batch conversion you can automatically convert any number of photos into a specific format or unify their size.

Show Photos

This is how the post-editing function looks:

Image Editing



The editor allows you to edit text-based files and lists. Thanks to syntax highlighting the editor is just as well suited for script files. Professional editing functions open up many possibilities:

The Editor

Extensive Search Function

Extensive Search Function The search function offers different types of search:

  • Normal file search, search for a string in the file content, restriction by file size
  • Search in descriptions
  • Indexed search allows you to quickly find files in your own workspace
  • Show applications


Operation Center contains a variety of wizards for a variety of purposes. Take a picture of the screen, record sound, clean up drives or find multiple files. Export file lists and download files from connected USB devices without drive letters to your PC.


Quick Access

The "Operation Center Quick Access" gives you direct access to many important functions:

Operation Center Quick Access

File Manager Windows 10 compatible, also runs on Windows 8.1 and 7 (SP 1).

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