Text File Editor

Freeware Editor for text-based files with many extras and UTF-8 support.

Download on the Microsoft Store  |  Download here (0.4 MB): x64/x86 / ARM64

Use the Text File Editor to edit text files, scripts, and configuration files. The function volume covers a wide range of editing options and leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the tidy user interface, all functions are easy to find. Numerous setting options allow you to adapt the program individually to your needs.

Text File Editor

Text File Editor – The most Important Features:

Save time with automated text editing

Display two text files at the same time

Why do you Need a Text Editor?

A text editor is useful for editing text files, scripts, and configuration files. This type of program is an indispensable tool for almost every advanced user. With a text editor, editing is limited to the pure text. It is not possible to format the text or insert images.

The "JMMG Text File Editor" contains many useful extra functions that go beyond the range of functions of many other text editors. You can center the content of files, which in some cases allows for better readability. Check the file content for open brackets and remove multiple spaces and blank lines. If necessary, you also have the option of removing all line breaks and replacing them with spaces, for example. Insert any special characters into your files and convert text to uppercase and lowercase.

The "JMMG Text File Editor" can be flexibly adapted to your needs and contains many designs for the user interface. You can set the font and size in which the file content should be shown. If you prefer to work without being distracted, you can switch to full-screen mode, in which the editor's menu bar and the Windows taskbar are hidden.

The standalone version runs from Windows 7 (SP1). Requires Microsoft .net Framework 4.8 (included with Windows 10 & 11).

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