BackProtection Festplattenreiniger II:
Cleans up your drives from garbage
and speeds up your PC.

JMMG Communications
BackProtection Festplattenreiniger IICleans up your drives from garbage and speeds up your PC. JMMG Communications
BackProtection Festplattenreiniger II1)

Download the new BackProtection Festplattenreiniger II now. Basic functions can be used without an activation code.

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Over time, many files will accumulate on your PC that are no longer required. Overflowing browser caches, temporary files and long-term downloads not only take up valuable storage space, they can also slow down your system. Applications that run automatically when Windows starts also slow down the system and occupy memory.

The new "BackProtection Festplattenreiniger II" can help here:

  • Easily remove files by clicking a button 2) 3)
  • Select applications from a list that should no longer start when Windows starts
  • Delete files securely, making recovery with special recovery software almost impossible
  • View detailed information about your PC and its hardware
  • Find installed applications by entering a few letters and save them as an icon on your desktop
  • Check drives for errors and have them repaired if necessary
  • Customize your desktop background with beautiful gradients
  • Small program size, occupies very little storage space
  • Portable installation on USB stick possible

1) The illustration is for illustration only.
2) Can be used without an activation code.
3) The following elements are supported:
Files with the extensions *. $$$, * .bak, * .log, * .log1, * .log2, * .old and * .tmp, Internet Explorer Cache, Microsoft Edge Cache, Firefox Cache, Chrome Cache, Chrome GPU Cache, Opera Cache, Opera Media Cache, Downloads folder, Temp folder, ChkDsk file fragments.


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