Fireplace for Windows und Android:
Kaminfeuer Comprehensive Edition 5

The new version of our award-winning open fire: The quality is so high that you will not believe your eyes.
Contains four sequences with fire and glow in ultra-high resolution*.

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Open Fire in 4K

Start your fireplace and decide what the weather should be like: let it rain, thunder or even snow. All sequences were recorded in ultra-high resolution and can be viewed in full Windows 4K resolution*.

Of course, the fire is usable not only in 4K, but also at lower resolutions. It was also designed to run on many older PCs. Try it out yourself and download the free version for testing!

Also included: Kaminfeuer Comprehensive Edition Online

While running, press the letter "O" on your keyboard to switch to "Kaminfeuer Comprehensive Edition Online" – this special mode contains exclusive fire sequences. Additional environments are loaded over the Internet and weather settings that fits to the current season are used.

Our Kaminfeuer is available as a Fireplace screensaver for Windows and as a Fireplace app for Android*.

This is how the open fire looks (click to enlarge):

Open Fire Open Fire Open Fire Open Fire Open Fire

* Provided your PC allows this resolution. 4K/UltraHD corresponds to a resolution of 3.840x2.160 pixels. Of course, the open fire screensaver can also be used at lower resolutions, the sequences are adjusted automatically. In the fireplace app for Android, the sequences have a maximum resolution of up to 720 lines for technical reasons. Also the weather settings "thunderstorm" and "snowfall" and the room view are not included. "Kaminfeuer Comprehensive Edition Online" is only included in the Windows version.
Kaminfeuer Comprehensive Edition 5 Download the popular open fire for Windows and Android here. Contains four high-quality sequences with fire and glow and real sound.

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