Operation Center: File Manager for Windows

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File Manager Windows 111)
File Manager Windows 11
File Manager Windows 11
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Operation Center is more than only a file manager.
In addition to file management, it contains many useful tools that will make your daily work on the PC easier.

  • File Manager for Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7
  • Basic functions can be used without time limit
  • Full 64 bit support (also runs on 32 bit)
  • Two file windows and file preview (optional)
  • Tabs for multiple folders at the same time
  • Copy and move files via drag & drop
  • Robust copying, no abort on errors
  • Direct access to the OneDrive folder
  • FTP and ZIP support, open ISO files
  • Rename multiple files, format volumes
  • File search, optionally with and without indexing
  • Editor for text files, RTF, DOCX and CSV
  • Photo management, image editing and slide show
  • Batch conversioin of the size and format of images
  • Rescue data from scratched CDs and DVDs
  • Cleanup drives, analyse memory allocation
  • Acoustic feedback after completion of longer operations
  • Creating screenshots, audio recording
  • Extended clipboard (up to 16 elements at a time)
  • Maintenance of your PC

When do I need an unlock code?

You can use the entire range of functions for 21 days without unlock code. After this trial period, Operation Center will enter Free Mode, which will continue to have some selected basic features available.

If you like Operation Center and want to use all functions permanently, you will need an unlock code.
The following list shows you the most important differences:

File Manager Windows1)

Free Mode
(without unlock code)

  • Basic file management: Copy, move, delete and rename files and folders
  • Change attributes, normal file search, create new folders
  • Create new ZIP archives & unpack ZIP archives
  • Information about this PC
  • Determine IP address and location
  • Bookmarks, notes & to-do, calendar

File Manager Windows1)

Full Version
(with unlock code)

  • FTP, editor, show photos
  • Slide show, show webcams
  • Compare files & folders
  • Extended clipboard
  • Copy, format, check and label drives
  • Analyze memory allocation,
    open folder as drive
  • Data recovery, download manager,
    find multiple existing files
  • Download websites, record audio, screen capture
  • Symbols and emojis

1) The image is for illustration purposes only.
2) Operation Center 2024 Premium can be installed in parralel next to "Operation Center 14.11 Premium".
3) Users who own an unlock code for "Operation Center 2022 Premium" can also use it for this new version. Unlock codes distributed through promotions cannot be used for a free upgrade. However these users as well as users of older versions can upgrade for a reduced price.

File Manager Windows 11 compatible, also runs on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 (SP 1).

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Operation Center 2024 Premium File Manager for Windows with ZIP and FTP support. JMMG Communications


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