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The features of "Write-a-Document" at a glance

Create and Edit Documents

With Write-a-Document you can create and edit documents of all kinds. From letters, essays, reviews, curriculum vitae, term papers to to-do lists or invitations. The writing program is both suitable for simple and professional documents. Try it yourself!

Create Form Letters, Print on Envelopes

Create form letters that are addressed to multiple recipients. Just create the letter, add an address field and link it to your recipients' address list. You can also print on envelopes. Print addresses on envelopes and inserts in a variety of popular formats.

Correct Common Misspellings and other Anomalies

Careless mistakes, double spaces and misspellings1) are often overlooked during proofreading texts. Write-a-Document includes features that can fix things like this in a few seconds.

Open Word Documents

Word documents in DOCX format are the most common file format for documents. With Write-a-Document you can therefore open and process DOCX files.2) So you are compatible with a large number of documents.

Restore the Last Edited Document in the Event of a "Crash".

In the event of a power failure or an empty notebook battery, the work of the past hour is easily lost. To prevent this from happening, Write-a-Document regularly creates a backup copy of the current document. Just in case, you can pick up where you left off.

Insert Date and Time, also with Automatic Update

Include the current date in your letters and other documents. You can specify that the date is updated automatically when the letter or document is printed out.

Particularly practical for your individual stationery, which you can store as your own document template!

Insert Shapes, Diagrams, Screenshots and more

You can make your documents particularly appealing by inserting shapes, diagrams, screenshots and any other images. You can even insert other documents and thereby merge multiple documents.

Practical Document Templates, e.g. for Annual Calendars or Lists

Write-a-Document contains useful document templates "out-of-the-box". Create annual calendars, lists with checkmarks that can be switched on and off, letters and more at the push of a button!

Functions for Professional Text Editing

A function for professional text editing is included for advanced users. Remove lines and breaks or insert any text at the beginning and end of each line automatically.

Writing Program Writing Program

1) Only for German-language documents.
2) In a simplified form, not all formatting may be taken into account.

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